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Catforms Testing Service

School Testing

Catforms provides response sheets and scoring services for schools. We do NOT provide test booklets and manuals for the 1970 California Achievement Tests for schools. Those must be purchased from Christian Light Publications.

  • Level 3 Student Response Sheet

    Level 3 Student Response Sheet, for grades 4-6 $1.00

    One Level 3 Student Response Sheet is required for each student in grades 4-6 on which to mark their anwers during the testing process. Note: grade 4 may also use Level 2 and grade 6 may also use Level 4.One sheet covers all...

  • Level 4 Student Response Sheet

    Level 4 Student Response Sheet, for grades 6-9 $1.00

    One Level 4 Student Response Sheet is required for each student in grades 6-9 on which to mark their anwers during the testing process. Note: grade 6 may also use Level 3 and grade 9 may also use...

  • Level 5 Student Response Sheet

    Level 5 Student Response Sheet, for grades 9-12 $1.00

    One Level 5 Student Response Sheet is required for each student in grades 9-12 on which to mark their anwers during the testing process. Note: Grade 9 may also use Level 4. One sheet covers all sections of the...

  • Duplicate Test Results

    Duplicate Test Results, per student $1.00

    Schools receive one copy of each individual student's test results. If you prefer two copies of each, including the class summary results, please order duplicate test results. Price is per student; if for some reason you...

  • PDF results on disk

    Digital (pdf) test results, priced per student $1.00

    Pdf copies of your student test results and school summaries are returned to you on a disk, in addition to the printed test results. Files may be copied or saved to no more than two computers for viewing and printing...

  • Raw Scores Form

    Recording From Raw Scores, per student $7.00

    Levels 1 & 2 (grades 1-3) use a consumable student booklet, which is hand-scored by your teachers. The test information and raw scores are sent to us on the Raw Scores Form we enclose with your order. A single Raw Scores...

  • Individual test results include an Achievement Test Profile, which provides a variety of information about your student's performance. The vertical bar graph represents the percentile scores on each section of the test. The line graph shows grade equivalent scores; each year your student tests with us, a new line is added, showing you progress from year to year. For more information, look at "Interpreting Test Results" enclosed with your scored results or download a copy on our School Information page.

    Test Scoring for Levels 3-5, per student $7.00

    Test Scoring is for the actual scoring provided by Catforms Testing Service after you have administered the tests and returned the Student Response Sheets to us. Order a quantity of one for each student tested in Levels...

  • When you order computer scoring for Level 2 booklets, we will send you a label for each student, which needs to be filled out and applied in the top right corner on the front of each booklet. Use the horizontal and vertical lines on the booklet as guidelines.

    Computer Scoring of Level 2 Booklets, per student $12.00

    Catforms Testing Service now offers scoring of Level 2 test booklets by computer, saving teachers scoring time and gathering valuable test information not available with manual scoring. How it works: We disassemble and...

  • Use flag codes to identify homeschool students that test with your school, but whom you do not want included in your school summaries

    Homeschool Student Surcharge, per student $12.00

    If you have homeschool students testing with your school, please add the homeschool student surcharge for each of those students. This surcharge is to match the prices of Catforms' homeschool testing service. Use the...